New Territory

Creative Execution Studio

New Territory is an independent web design studio from Auckland, New Zealand.
We work globally with businesses and practitioners from a range of industries and backgrounds to help them expand the horizons of their projects.

We emphasise consideration, identity and essentialism within our work — creating thoughtful, user-centric projects with equal value on the technology at our disposal and careful discipline of our craft.

We work directly with clients and partner design studios to challenge their visions, advise new systems and generate strong brand equity within their products.


  • Design

    Through an iterative and exploratory design process we will design an experience that delivers upon the goals of the project in a clear and effective manner.

    We’ll architect the project’s structure, create a robust design system that utilises your brand language in a modern interface with optimisations for user flow.

  • Development

    Single Pagers, Brochure, E-Commerce, Analytics, SEO, Intergrations, Hosting, APIs, Migrations, Server-side, Client-side, CMS, Flat-file, Databases, Algorithms.
You need a website, we can build it.

  • Consultation and Strategy

    Whether you have an existing project or are starting something new we can advise the best course of action for delivery.

    We can architect your MVP, advise on platforms and project architectures, direct your experience strategies, serve as technical partners or CTO and walk you through areas where value can be added to your project.

    We can audit your existing site, marketing strategies, SEO, visual design and conversion rates to find opportunities for improvement.

  • New Media

    We have experience with:

    • 3D (Modelling / Scanning / Rendering / Animation)
    • CAD and CNC Fabrication via 3D Printing, Laser Cutting / Machine Routing
    • Parametric / Generative design tools / simulations
    • Camera effects, such as Instagram and Facebook filters.

Selected Clients

  • Studios

    • Studio South
    • Moniker SF
    • Convicts NYC
    • ModestWorks
    • Osborne Shiwan
    • Richards Partners
    • Blink Boys
  • Fashion

    • Mina
    • Porter James Sports
    • Commoners
    • Earls
    • Future Co
    • Platform Store
    • Checks Downtown
  • Food, Product, Retail

    • Euro
    • Williams Eatery
    • Two Islands Co
    • Fourth Street
    • Delete RTD
    • Almighty
    • Holiday Records
    • The Great Catering Co
    • Nodi Rugs
  • Construction, Architecture

    • Templeton Group
    • Viaduct Harbour
    • Jeffery Construction
  • Common Good

    • Mate Act Now
    • Okreal
    • Rei Foundation
  • Portfolios

    • Jono Parker
    • Mark Albiston
    • Wonder.Group