New Territory is a digital studio from Auckland, New Zealand.

We work globally with businesses and individuals from a range of industries and backgrounds to help them expand the horizons of their projects.

We work directly with clients or partner design studios to challenge their visions, simplify technical complexities, advise optimal systems and generate strong brand equity within their digital projects.

What we do

  • Consultation

    Whether you have an existing project or are starting something new we can advise the best course of action.

    • Vision

      Expanding horizons is at the core of what we do — we aim to understand and identify how your project is received, used and presented to the world to develop the scope and define the KPIs required. From the launch of new MVPs to redevelopment of existing digital assets.

    • Architecture

      We can guide you on optimal systems and technologies to be utilised to meet the goals of your project, as well as advise on how best to operate your business from strategy, user-engagement and fulfilment.

    • Analytics

      We can guide you through the maze of data that modern websites are able to generate to evaluate and identify human centric insights for further iterations and improvement.

    • Multi-channel Strategies

      Rich experiences intersect beyond the silos of traditional communication means. We develop marketing and content strategies that make sense across all fronts of engagement.

  • Design

    Through an iterative and exploratory process we design engaging and memorable experiences.

    • Brand Development

      Strong brands require adaptive, clear and intuitive identities positioned and deployed in an appropriate manner to be effective; we can audit and develop your brand to be appropriate and responsive within your market.

    • Design Systems

      We can craft a rich and robust design system that supports a considered, consistent and engaging brand implementation across all silos of your communication.

    • User Experiences

      Building experiences is at the core of our work.
      Communication and conversions are amplified through dynamic, accessible and engaging interfaces.

    • Content Direction

      We can set the tone and define your voice that your imagery, copy and any other media needs to convey to be effective; setting up production with trusted partners for long term facilitation.

  • Development

    Our team offer a wide range of skills and services to deliver on the requirements of any project.

    • Full Stack

      From small brochure sites to complex web applications, our team has the necessary skills to build any scale of project required.

    • eCommerce

      Whether its a full site, or a simple integration we can implement any manner of online commerce systems.

    • Data Management

      Data is the core of your website - we can create tools to understand and utilise this data within your workflow or for operational insights. Ensuring a robust data set is also key, so we also ensure backups and redundancies are in place.

  • New Media

    Projects that are experimental in nature, utilising the latest technology at our disposal.

    • Experimentation

      Creating unique visual and graphic outputs based on a range of creative disciplines married to technology. The process of which is still undefined.

    • CNC

      3D scanning and printing in a range of materials from plastics to metals.
      Fabrication of objects using laser or machine routing to form a near limitless range of tangible objects at many scales.

    • Generative / Parametric Systems

      Simulating effects or modifiers within a virtual space to create data-driven results for engineering or aesthetic purposes.

    • Camera Effects

      Augmented Reality filters within Facebook or Instagram, as well as AR tools for engaging marketing campaigns or product demonstrations.

    • Creative Coding

      Audio reactions, visualisations, art projects — Code can be utilised to generate any manner of visual effect.

Selected Clients & Collaborators

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